Our new Restorative Hatha Yoga class: what is it?

Our new Restorative Hatha Yoga class: what is it?

Maybe you have already noticed the new group class on our group class schedule or – even better –already tried it. A few weeks ago, Fanny started teaching Restorative Hatha Yoga every Tuesday evening at 8.45 pm in our Body & Mind studio! Are you curious about this class? This is what Restorative Yoga is about!

There is a real prejudice of Restorative (Hatha) Yoga. Some people say the class is ideal if you don’t want to do anything! It’s true, this is not the most active yoga class. But that doesn’t mean it is not a great class to do. For example, Restorative Yoga is really helpful, if your body needs to recover from something: if you have an injury, feel stressed or tired, or feel sick, then Restorative Yoga will help you heal.

Hold the poses longer
During this class you’ll do exercises that give your body some rest. You do that by holding the poses longer. The poses are not very strenuous by the way. Also, many exercises are done while lying down, although there are a few sitting postures. It is also important to focus on your breathing during Restorative Hatha Yoga. In that way you also meditate a little bit.

Get your body ready for summer deal
Restorative Hatha Yoga is every Tuesday evening at 8.45 pm in our mac Body & Mind studio. You don’t have a membership yet, but do you want to follow this class – or one of the other yoga classes, Mindfulness and Pilates? Then just take our ‘Get your body ready for summer deal! Click here for more information!

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