Overweight? On to a healthier lifestyle!

Overweight? On to a healthier lifestyle!

Feeling good and comfortable with your body? Who does not want that? You probably think that only slim, fully trained people are satisfied with their weight. But many Dutch people who are overweight also don’t see their weight as a problem. One out of five people with obesity (serious overweight) is even satisfied with their weight, according to the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS). Yet it is certainly not a luxury to (proactively) take on the battle with overweight.

More and more people are overweight
Since 1981 the number of Dutch adults with serious overweight has increased every year. Almost half of the Dutch over the age of 18 are too heavy now. Fourteen percent of them have serious overweight. Obesity brings different risks, like an increased chance of getting cancer or heart disease, your bones will have a harder time and you will live less long than people who are not too heavy. With some changes in your lifestyle, obesity can be prevented or tackled.

Exercise and nutrition
Regular exercise and a nice walk can really help to make you feel fitter. But above all, it is important to look at your diet. For example, limit alcohol consumption to the weekend only and don’t drink more than two glasses (although not drinking at all is even better!). Also keep an eye on how many calories you consume every day. A nutrition app – like Fatsecret – really helps. By using such an app for a few weeks, you’ll get a good insight into the number of calories that are in your diet. You will be surprised about the number of calories you eat every day!

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