‘Some participants in Fit & Fatloss have really shrunk’

‘Some participants in Fit & Fatloss have really shrunk’

It was a big surprise. “Eventually I lost 5,5 kilograms”, Jean-Luc says, after completing the last session of the mac Fit & Fatloss Program. “It wasn’t my intention to lose so much weight. But the last few weeks it went so well! Suddenly I lost another 2,5 kilos. Now it’s important not to get a yo-yo effect. Imagine I start eating and drinking again, without exercising … I guess everything will turn out to be useless.”

His main goal was to become fitter and lose some bellyfat.  Jean-Luc succeeded in that. “I am much fitter now, yes. This program improves your cardio and your strength. The strength exercises developed more muscles and let me burn more calories. And now it is important to keep up with doing sports. In the past I used to do a lot of squash. But honestly, during the last twelve months I hardly put a foot on court. From now on I am planning to play squash every Monday. I also want to participate in the small group training twice a week.

Staying focused
Jean-Luc isn’t planning to keep his current diet. He laughs: “I want to make it more easy. The last eight weeks I didn’t eat my sandwich with sprinkles, but from now I will eat one occasionally. But I will stay focused on what I eat and drink. That is my intention. If I go do something fun with my colleagues or my family, that means the next day I will go to the gym for an extra session.”

Trial and error
Not only Jean-Luc successfully completed the Fit & Fatloss Program. The other participants can also be happy with the outcome. “It was a process with trial and error, but everyone has become much fitter”, Jean-Luc says. “I saw some people shrink and change their shape. Also the way people train has improved. In the beginning we all were exhausted after three push-ups. But now we easily manage to do twenty. This proves how big of an impact healthy living has. The next step is finding a good balance in our lives.”

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