To the sauna at mac: healthy and relaxing

To the sauna at mac: healthy and relaxing

It’s a ritual for many mac members: a session in the gym and then going to our sauna (75 degrees). Not only a sauna is very relaxing, it’s also very healthy! Why? We are happy to explain!

Doing sports gives you energy and makes you feel fitter. If you go into the sauna afterwards, you’ll become cheerful and relaxed. In the sauna your body produces more serotonin, Swedish scientists have discovered. This is a substance that makes you feel happy and relaxed. By going to the sauna your blood circulation is stimulated, so you are better protected against the flu. In fact, if you go to the sauna twice a week for six months, you are 30 percent less likely to get the flu.

Good for your skin
Some people think a sauna is a room that is way too hot, almost not bearable to survive. That is not the case. It is tolerable to stay in a sauna because of the low humidity. Yet if you sit in the sauna for a while, you start to sweat a lot: your pores open and your blood vessels dilate, because dirt leaves your body. The sauna is also good for your skin, as the heat strengthens the protective layer and moisturizes the horny layer.

In the sauna your body heats up about 1.5 degrees. That’s why it is so important to cool down your body after the sauna visit. Maybe it doesn’t sound very tempting, but an ice-cold shower is really refreshing. Moreover, you stimulate the proper functioning of your organs. This way the capillaries in your head close again a little bit and you prevent headaches. If you haven’t cooled properly, you will keep sweating for a long time. You obviously do not want to walk around in sweaty clothes!

You feel like going to the sauna now? Come by quickly and relax in our sauna!