Sh’Bam and Sprint newest virtual classes at mac

Sh’Bam and Sprint newest virtual classes at mac

Yes! Sh’Bam is now at mac SportsClub. By popular demand, this dance workout, which is accessible to everyone, is added to our schedule of virtual classes. Also new is Les Mills Sprint, a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on the spinning bike. Take a look at our group class schedule, where you can find out when to do Sh’Bam and Sprint!

Sh’Bam: for the dance lover
Do you love dancing? Then Sh’Bam is really the class for you. During the class you really work up a sweat by doing simple and fun dance moves. Because of the uplifting and swinging music, Sh’Bam always results in big party, while you also burn lots of energy!

Sprint: if you really want to sweat
Are you a big fan of Spinning? Or are you more interested in classes like GRIT Cardio? If you like one of these classes, you will undoubtedly enjoy the HITT class Les Mills Sprint. Sprint is a High Intensity thirty-minute workout in which you alternate peaks with breaks. During Sprint you will definitely get the most out of yourself!

Check our schedule
The virtual class Sh’Bam and Sprint are on our schedule every day. Take a look at the schedule to see when you can participate! Sh’Bam en Sprint replace Barre and RPM.

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