Looking for real satisfaction? Go to the gym while it’s raining!

Looking for real satisfaction? Go to the gym while it’s raining!

You look out the window and think: ‘Today is not the day!’ True, there are a few raindrops. But you don’t want to get wet at all. So no, you are going to skip the gym. Let’s check the weather forecast for tomorrow. Good news! It’ll be better. Slightly better…

It is too wet. Too cold. Sometimes it is too hot. Especially in the often wet autumn the weather is a nice excuses to avoid the gym. At least there is good news: it’s always dry in the gym! Okay, true: even if you live close by, you still have to resist some rain. But a little rain or cold should not stop you! And remember, before you know it you’re already on the treadmill or the spinning bike. If you live a little bit further away, getting here shouldn’t be a problem either. Of course you can dress well for any type of weather.

Just imagine the satisfaction you’ll experience when you actually made it to the gym. Look around and notice all those people who overcame the same challenge. No doubt that creates a bond. And think of the rewards after the exercises: you feel fitter, healthier and more energetic. You can also reward yourself by warming up in the sauna. Finish the training or sauna session with a nice shower and you’re good to go home.

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You don’t have the perfect clothing to get to the gym during a rain shower? No worries! If you become a member at mac (for at least half a year), you’ll receive a mac raincoat for free. If you are already a member and introduce a new member, you both receive a mac raincoat plus an hour of Personal Training from one of our instructors.

Here you’ll find more information about the Autumn deal.