There is no class like Barre by Les Mills. What is Barre? It’s a training based on classical ballet, for toning and shaping of your entire body. This unique, 30-minute workout is on our schedule starting every weekday. Check our schedule for the times. It is a virtual class.

If you are looking for a different way of training, Barre will be perfect for you! Barre is an ideal way to train in a different way, especially if you love ballet. After the warm-up you’ll do a series of cardio exercises. Then you go work on your ballet strength, for which you use light hand weights. Every Barre training ends with ballet exercises. It’s important to wear comfortable clothes during the class, so you can move your body easily. In Barre you train on socks or with ballet or gymnastic shoes.

Do you want to join a Barre class? Check our schedule of virtual lessons and try it!