You probably know that you always have to bring a towel if you want to work out at mac. Of course, it is possible that you might forget to bring one. In that case you are obliged to buy a disposable towel at our front desk. This towel is only one euro. The good news is that by buying one, you’ll support the De Gouwe Foundation. From now on, mac will donate the funds of our towel sales to this volunteer organization in Maastricht.

The De Gouwe Foundation helps the most vulnerable people in Maastricht, who are struggling socially and economically. The organization helps by donating food and clothing. Increasing their social participation and helping them out of social isolation are also goals. De Gouwe focuses on people who have to go to the food bank or used to go there during the past three years.

Of course, you don’t have to forget your towel if you’d like to support the De Gouwe Foundation. You can always make a donation in the box at our front desk.