Jean-Luc (50) has always been into sports. “I love running”, he says, prior to one of the intensive sessions of the Fit & Fatloss Program. “As a lawyer, I sit at my desk all day long. Going to the gym  afterwards would be good for me, but I noticed that this often came into play; for example because of obligations I have in the evenings. I also love good food. So you do the math. Sometimes during the winter I used to say: ‘I have a winter fur.’ Well, I also have that winter fur during the summer now.” Serves as a threat So it  was bound to happen, Jean-Luc says. “I signed up for the Fit & Fatloss Program to lose about three/four kilos. After my first week I feel much fitter already. And the program really makes me go, so I end up training at MAC three times a week. Now it is important to keep coming. Whether I will keep doing that? Ask me again in about four weeks, haha! In any case, you have to take the first step yourself. That is the beginning of your success. And you will start enjoying it. I’ll tell you honestly: I am even really looking forward to coming.” Eating behavior Sports is only one part of the Fit & Fatloss Program. For an optimal result, a change in diet is also necessary. At the start of the program a suitable diet plan has therefore been drawn up for all participants. “Before I started, I was a little bit worried about the eating part of the program”, Jean-Luc admits. “But it is not that bad after all. It is a diet, tailored to your metabolism. My metabolism is reasonably high. So I am not starving myself now. The main focus is decreasing what you eat: To skip that one sandwich with chocolate sprinkles that I always ate. All participants keep track of their eating behavior in a special app. So I think about what I consume more consciously. That is a good thing. The coming weeks will show whether I am on the right track. If not, we will undoubtedly adjust. ” Participating yourself? The Fit & Fatloss Program runs for a total of eight weeks. Jean-Luc will share his experiences during that period. Do you also want to lose weight and feel fitter? Then sign up for the next Fit & Fatloss Program. For more information click here. The start is mid-November 2018.