A minute of planking or doing squats. Not everyone becomes very enthusiastic when they think about it. Indeed, those are tough exercises. But they are – just like other exercises that train your core – very useful. A recent research shows that good core stability reduces the risk of leg injuries. Which exercises will improve your core strength? Below we will list a number of them!

Let’s start with a prejudice. Core training is more than working on tighter abs. The muscles in your back and neck also provide core stability, and allows your arms and legs to move well. The research has shown that if your core stability is not optimal, there is an increased risk of cruciate ligament, meniscus and ankle injuries. There is also a bigger chance of overloading the hamstrings.

Reduced risk
Unfortunately, it’s impossible to exclude an injury. But the risk of injuries to your legs can be reduced, if you train your core stability well. Exercises that will make you stronger are planking, side planking, superman, dead bug and glute bridge. You can also train your core by doing specific exercises for your arms and legs, such as squats, lunges, deadlift and standing shoulder press. Of course, it is important to perform all these exercises in a correct way! One of our instructors is happy to help you with that.