Summer break at your sportsclub? These tips help to stay fit!

Summer break at your sportsclub? These tips help to stay fit!

For many team athletes, the summer break is in full swing. One is happy to have a moment of rest, the other is horrified by the idea of not doing anything at all. Regardless of which of the two groups you belong to, it is smart to stay fit during the summer months. How you do that? We have some tips!

1. Do interval training
It’s well known, but good to tell again: you stay fit by working out. Perhaps not as intense as you do during the year, but regular exercise is important. It keeps you fresh, sharp and in shape. Interval training is a great training to do during summer. For example, go running or cycling at a nice pace for ten minutes (in the gym or outside) and then take a minute rest. Do this series three times. No doubt you’ll soon notice that this keeps you in shape.

2. Do strength training
During the summer break there it’s easy to gain weight. You can prevent this by working out. You probably think the best way is doing some cardio training, because that will burn the most calories. But do know you strength training is also perfect for losing fat? In fact: strength training makes you burn even more calories, because there is still an afterburning hours later. Also, strength training makes your muscles stronger.

3. Find a buddy
If you practice a team sport, you are used to working out with others. Perhaps the idea of working out alone sounds not so appealing. Well, there is an easy solution for that! Just find a buddy to work out with! You can motivate each other, and it is lots of fun!

4. Watch your diet
The sun is shining and it’s tempting to lighten up the barbecue. Steaks and sausages aren’t the healthiest foods. And if you go on a vacation, you’ll often eat in restaurants. But it is important to keep a varied diet, with sufficient fruits and vegetables. It’s not wise to drink alcohol every day either. Of course, you’ll have to drink enough water, especially on hot days!

5. Take your rest
After a busy year, the summer months are the perfect time to de-stress and recover. Working out remains important, but also taking your rest. Also don’t suddenly start to train more than you used to do. Otherwise there is a bigger risk of injuries and getting a burn-out.

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