The life of Eloisa: 24-hours of yoga every day!

The life of Eloisa: 24-hours of yoga every day!

The life of Eloisa is all about yoga. You need proof? Let’s take an average Wednesday. At 9 am the Venezuelan teaches Hatha Yoga in the mac Body & Mind studio. For many participants, this wonderful class is their start of the day. But not for Eloisa. She has been on the yoga mat for quite some hours.

For Eloisa it is a life style. “Before I start teaching my 9 am mac class, I teach another one in a different studio. Even before that class, I do my own personal yoga practice at home. I wake up every morning at 4 am. Most people think that is very early. I think it takes discipline and means love for what I do. The fact that I only teach yoga in the mornings and sometimes in the early evenings, leaves a gap for me in the middle of the day. That is the moment to recover with a powernap, which makes it possible to have this routine.”

Busy traffic
“Waking up at early hours is not uncommon for someone who grew up in Caracas, during the early 2000’s”, she says. “School starts there very early and the traffic used to be incredibly busy. Living and working in Caracas means waking up early. Late at night I used to go home again, and the next day it would start all over again. That was my life back in the days and now I wake up with yoga which brings joy and peace to my life.”

Yoga virus
Transferring her knowledge to others is in Eloisa’s blood. Before she devoted her entire life to yoga, she worked as a preschool teacher. At a certain moment Eloisa came in contact with yoga and got completely captivated by it. Captured by the yoga virus, she even traveled to India to learn more about the art of yoga. Since that moment she has been back there every year to deepen her knowledge about this ancient practice. After living and teaching yoga in Poland, Spain and Germany, Eloisa eventually moved to Maastricht and started teaching at mac.

“Yoga brings me a lot,” she says passionately. “Thanks to yoga I have become able to cultivate healthy relationships with myself and others. Before practicing yoga, I used to train in a gym and put myself into very harsh diets. Yoga gave me the awareness to find the right balance in life.”

Warm country
For all those who still have any doubts: it seems impossible that Eloisa will make a career switch in the short term. In fact, don’t be surprised if she ever creates her own yoga studio. Where? That is the million-dollar question! “My boyfriend and I are considering a move to a country, where it’s nice and warm in winter too. I’d love to live in a place close to the beach,” Eloisa tells. “Wherever I go, I’ll always keep practicing yoga.”

Would you also like to participate in a Hatha Yoga class with Eloisa? She teaches the class every Wednesday at 9 am!