The wintertime dilemma: waking up or sleeping late?

The wintertime dilemma: waking up or sleeping late?

It is always hard to remember: will the clock go forward or backward when the winter time starts? We have good news: next Sunday morning we’ll get an extra hour. How will you spend that hour? Of course you can stay in bed a bit longer. It’s also possible to take advantage of the extra time, like going for a walk, exercise or do something else you think is fun.

Research has shown that morning people are often more positive, optimistic and happier in life. For many people the morning is the most productive moment of the day. You still feel fresh, both mentally and physically. As a result, you can probably focus better than in the evening. So the extra hour on Sunday morning can be used for something useful. But be careful! Don’t do too much! You shouldn’t forget this Sunday has 25 instead of 24 hours, so you still have a lot of hours to go.

Biological clock
If you decide not to spend the extra hour in bed, you won’t have to fear that your body will get completely shaken up. Your biological clock still thinks that it is an hour later, while in reality the clock indicates something else. So you won’t wake up ‘earlier’. The day of the transition to winter time is therefore an ideal moment to get used to getting up at a different time. If you are a night person and want to become a morning person, a few tips will help you: sleeping earlier and always going to bed at the same time are the most important. As a result your biological clock will work better. It will definitely make falling asleep and getting up in the morning much easier.

Plan something fun
Do you think it will be difficult to wake up this Sunday morning?  Then plan something fun. For sure it will make it easier to get out of bed. You can participate in our spinning (10 o’clock) or body training (11 o’clock) class for example. Have a good night’s sleep!

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