This is how you get your body ready for summer!

This is how you get your body ready for summer!

Summer is coming! Don’t you love doing nothing at all during your holiday? We already long for the sun, sea and beach! Probably you pulled your bikini or shorts out of the closet too. They don’t fit yet? Or do you think you should lose a few pounds? Fortunately, it is not too late to work on that!

If you want to lose weight and become fitter quickly, then you have to work out more. You can choose to do strength training and change your body composition: you’ll lose fat and develop more muscle mass. Strength training is a very good way to get a more toned body. You can also choose to do a lot of endurance training, such as cycling and running. That will burn lots of calories. What is the best training? You will undoubtedly achieve the best results with a combination of strength and endurance training. If you think it’s difficult to find the right training method for you, a training schedule helps. One of our instructors is happy to prepare this for you.

Change your diet
It is one of the biggest misunderstandings about healthier living: ‘Only by working out a lot, you lose weight’. Of course, regular exercise is important. But it’s only one side of the story. If you do not adjust your diet at the same time, you won’t achieve much result. Therefore, reduce the amount of food and drinks you consume every day! Also keep a close look on how many calories you consume during the day. You will be surprised how many calories you eat! Of course, eat vegetables, fruits and enough protein every day. It also helps to reduce your alcohol consumption: only in the weekend and then stick to two glasses (although not drinking at all is even better!).

Mentally fit
If you are mentally fit too, you’ll feel better and that reflects on your appearance. A good night’s sleep is very important, because that way you feel fresh enough to achieve your goals. A yoga or meditation class also helps to relax. And once you are well on your way to becoming slimmer and fitter, reward yourself now and then: go to the movies or go shopping!

Get your body ready for summer
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