These are the trends in fitness in 2019!

These are the trends in fitness in 2019!

Time flies! Another two months and it’s 2019. We are really looking forward to everything the next year will bring us concerning fitness and health. The authoritative, American magazine Health & Fitness Journal already knows. For the thirteenth time the magazine asked thousands of fitness professionals what the trends are going to be. This is their top 5!

1. Wearable technology
Fitness trackers, smart watches and GPS trackers: many athletes use wearables to measure their heart rate, burned calories and much more. The fitness professionals expect that in 2019 even more people will use this modern technology. They even think wearable technology will be the most important trend next year! We are very curious what gadgets the manufacturers will surprise us with in 2019.

2. Group classes

There is nothing more fun than exercising together, under the guidance of an instructor who helps you go to the max in classes like Bodypump, spinning or jumping. Group classes aren’t new, but they are on the rise. It was only in 2017 (!) that group lessons appeared in this list for the first time. Now they have climbed to number 2!

3. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
Everywhere in the world – and also at mac Sportsclub – High Intensity Interval Training is very popular. During such training session you will go all the way during short periods of time with intensive exercises, followed by a short period of rest and recovery. Also in 2019 millions of people will undoubtedly do HIIT, like Les Mills Grit Strength classes.

4. Fitness programs for older adults
People are living longer. Healthy living and sports certainly contribute to this. That probably explains why older generations find their way to the gym nowadays. Gyms (like mac) respond to this by offering special training programs for older adults. With an aging population, it is obvious that this is a grow market in the coming years.

5. Bodyweight training
Why use weights, barbells and other materials if you can also use your own body? In this type of training – similar to mac core training – you use as little equipment or materials as possible, as you mainly train by using your own body weight. This is definitely a cheap, accessible and effective way of training. Not so strange that fitness professionals consider it to be an important trend for 2019!