Duration: 60 minutes
Intensity: **
Need: Indoor shoes and Towel

Goal: This full-body barbell workout will burn calories, shape and tone your entire body, increase core strength and improve bone health.

Real muscles training. Using plates and barbells you strengthen all muscle groups in a series of exercises. (Warm-up/ legs/ chest/ back/ triceps/ biceps/ legs/ shoulders/ abdominals/ cool down.) During the class you’ll use a les mills smart bar and weight plates and a step. These will be supplied in the class. There is often said that BODYPUMP is the fastest way to get in shape. Burn calories and increase your metabolism.

Our BODYPUMP instructors provide options to suit everyone. It’s a good idea to start with really light weights or even just a bar. Start slowly with just one to two classes a week and build up from four or five tracks to a full class. You’ll find your fitness and strength improves over a number of sessions.

This program is based on THE REP EFFECT, a proven formula that exhausts muscles using light weights, while performing high repetitions – this is the secret to developing lean, athletic muscles.