Duration: 60 minutes
Intensity: ***
Need: Indoor shoes and towel

Goal: You will work on your fitness level, strength and you will burn an enormous amount of fat without even noticing it!

This ultimate workout is for the Body u Really Need. An accessible, effective and overall motivating group class that works on all aspects to create a fitter, stronger and toned body. This is THE workout if you want to burn lots of calories and get your body in shape! Cardio, power training and core training – all in one workout.

During this workout you will be using  XCO trainers and the STEP.  XCO trainers are aluminium tubes filled with grit, and they enable you to burn more calories and force more impact on your muscles. The use of the STEP during this workout creates overload that is necessary to achieve physical progress.

Scientific proof shows that working out with Xco’s results in:
• a better shape
• optimal fat burning
• burning more calories
• stronger core muscles
• reducing lower back problems
• better posture
• a toned body

In other words: with the use of XCo’s your workout is even more effective!!