What to eat during the summer?

What to eat during the summer?

It’s not easy to keep eating healthy food during the summer. For example, in hot temperatures you’ll tend to drink lots of sodas. And there is a good chance you won’t feel like cooking either. That paves the way to eat fast food or pizza. So that is why we ask ourselves the question: what to eat during summer?

First and foremost, in the summer you should definitely enjoy life. Of course, the barbecue is part of it, just as drinking a glass of coke and a good glass of wine or eating fries. But don’t do it too often! You may think that drinking diet-versions of soft drinks is less bad. True, those drinks contain fewer calories than regular soft drinks. But they are certainly not healthy! Diet soft drinks contain artificial sweeteners. They make you long for sugar even more. Water – especially in warm weather – is and remains the healthiest drink. Also, water can help you feel full. So, it can reduce how much you eat during each meal.

A light meal
Indeed, it is difficult to eat healthy food when it’s warm outside. Eating in general, especially a heavy meal, can sometimes be a problem. So why not eat a nice salad? It’s light and you can add so many ingredients to it. How about vegetables, fruits, nuts, tuna or roasted chicken? Just a small tip: there are some fruits and vegetables that can cause bloating, like cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower) and foods that can be difficult to digest (like apples). You don’t need to skip them, but on summer days they could make you feel puffy.

Do you like eating something warm? Well, whole grain pasta is the answer! It is light and easy to prepare. There are so many different (light) sauces, so you can make all kinds of variations of your pasta dish. You can also serve a fresh salad next to it.

Delicious Dutch fruits
During summer you will find super fresh fruits of Dutch origin at your local greengrocer. Surely nothing beats tasty, Dutch strawberries, raspberries and red currants! Of course, you can eat them directly. The delicious fruits can also be used as an ingredient for a refreshing smoothie, dessert or fruit ice cream!

Nutritional advice
Would you like to know more about healthy eating during the summer months? mac SportsClub is happy to prepare a customized diet plan for you. For more information, just visit our front desk. You can also call 043-325 81 79 or send an email to info@macmaastricht.nl.