In this two-and-a-half-hour practice, you will stay longer in the poses than you would normally do. Instead of holding the poses 3-5 minutes you will keep them from 10 even up to 15 minutes.

We start with a guided meditation, in which you will be aware of all the things current at that moment; breath, thoughts, feelings and physical sensations.
And then as you are holding the poses you will enter the confrontation with your edges and blockades on an emotional, physical and mental level. You will experience this by holding the poses even longer as you are relaxing totally and accept everything as it is in that moment.

Pia Brand, heart tuned singer and sound healer, guides us with warm, soft and healing sounds for support. The harmonious waves of the Tibetan singing bowl, the soft rhythmic primal sounds of the Indian drum and her soothing voice will bring you in a deep state of relaxation….a save and warm surrounding to submerge yourself.

At the end you will enjoy the effects of a well-deserved long relaxation.

Date: 18 November
Time: 12:30 – 15:00 hrs
Costs: € 25,00
Location: Brusselsestraat 56

Your participation is guaranteed after payment. Workshop continues with a minimum of 10 people. Maximum participants are 20. Let go of all your fears and control and enjoy the things revealing to you!