Yoga: perfect for your health

Yoga: perfect for your health

No doubt you have heard people say it: ‘Yoga is good for your health’. True? Yes, it is! By regularly doing yoga, you will work on your body and mind in a very positive way. Perhaps you wonder what the health advantages exactly are? Here are some!

Yoga makes you more flexible
Yoga is often associated with complex exercises in all kinds of strange positions, that require a high degree of flexibility. But you don’t have to be very flexible to practice yoga. In fact: if you perform the exercises well, you will automatically become more flexible. Many of the exercises during a class actually stretch your muscles and increase the movement of the muscles.

Yoga makes you stronger
You might not expect it, but you’ll become stronger by yoga. For example, by doing standing exercises, your hamstrings, quadriceps and the abdomen will strengthen. Reclining exercises are great for your abdominal and back muscles. Seated exercises are good for the spine.

Yoga makes your posture better
The way we walk, sit, sleep and do sports has a major impact on our body. If your posture is wrong, you can overload your spine, shoulders and knees. This can result in pain. If you strengthen your flexibility and strength during the yoga class, this will be of a positive influence on your whole posture.

Yoga helps you to reduce stress
A lot of members tell us how yoga helps them to relax. Indeed, yoga will make your body less tense and reduces your stress level. An ideal class for losing stress is, for example, Mindfulness. In this class you use meditation and learn to live in the moment. There is a good reason that yoga and mindfulness reduce stress. Partly it’s because of the breathing exercises you do during the class. In many yoga exercises, you will breath deep and long. This way you will feel very relaxed.

Yoga helps you to stay healthy
More flexibility, more strength, a better posture and better breathing, and a lower stress level: it all helps if you want to live a healthier life. For example, people with health issues such as heart problems, high blood pressure, asthma and back pain will undoubtedly benefit from yoga.

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